The Elephant in the Room

I could probably impress a few people with the things I accomplished today – especially since I’m a crazy-tired hypothyroid homeschooling mom. Throwing out words like Bible, logic, Latin, Algebra, strained Kefir, Suzuki Violin, etc. might make you think we rocked this homeschool thing today. And yeah, we accomplished a few things. (though some of … [Read more…]

The Simple Beauty in a Book

Reading to children is a treasured time, even though as parents we often find ourselves tired and just wanting alone time. Sometimes a simply written book is just what we need to connect with our children without offering to give more of us than we have to give. And when that simply written book also … [Read more…]

Saying Goodbye to Henry

Over the last year, my family made a new friend. When you spend several evenings together each week over the course of a year, you can become pretty close. Our new friend, Henry P. York was pretty adventurous, and graciously invited us along for the ride. Throughout the process, we met several of his family … [Read more…]

10 Summer School Rules

In our family, we continue school throughout the summer. Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s not a five-day-a-week all day every day school. We have some rules that keep it light and ensure we have time for plenty of non-school fun. We BREAK til after family vacation. Each year, our Classical Conversations community program is done by the … [Read more…]

A Memorial Day Prayer of Remembrance

This is the same type of plane my grandfather flew in bombing raids over Europe in WWII, a B-26 Martin Marauder. If you are interested, I highly recommend reading a little of it’s history here. Fascinating would be an undertstatement. As many, though not all, of his generation did, he never would really talk about … [Read more…]