Easy Breakfast Your Kids Will LOVE

My mom made this for us growing up, and my sister makes it for her kids still. I had forgotten about it until recently,  but after making it only once, my kids beg me for it! It’s easier than easy and faster than fast. However, it is full of butter! Preheat the over to 350 … [Read more…]

40 Acts of Gratitude, Part I

Recently, I came across a blog titled 40 Acts of Gratitude for 40. I was inspired to attempt my own 40 acts of Gratitude since I turn  40 in November – when we celebrate Thanksgiving. The blogger dedicated herself to complete all 40 acts in 3-4 days. Needless to say, I have found that quite difficult with a … [Read more…]

40 Things My Kids Will NEVER Get

I find it fun to think about experiences I have had that my children may  never have. So – in honor of turning 40, here are 40 things my kids will just have to miss out on! Taking a picture and “hoping” it turns out.  Then dropping off your film and debating if “1 Hour” photo … [Read more…]

Fiorina’s ‘Secret Sauce’ and the GOP Debate

I usually turn on the TV with quite a bit of pre-debate sarcasm running through my brain. From the skillful avoidance of answering the real question to the snarky “I like you, but I’m going to beat you” bantering between candidates, there is plenty to be sarcastic about. The night was clearly stolen by Neil Cavuto’s humor … [Read more…]