A Real Job Interview With A Candidate

Clearly, political candidates go through interview after interview with debates and media interviews. But what if they had to go through the type of job interview you and I have experienced? Start with a completely unbiased, 100% objective interviewer asking questions. A panel of Human Resources representatives will score each answer, and then we will … [Read more…]

We’re in Trumple!

If I had a chance to ask questions based on Trump’s answers, it might look something like this… Trump: There isn’t anything else to talk about! Question: Marco Rubio isn’t talking about the actual insurance plans. He is talking about your overall plan – as in the entire way the President would help with the … [Read more…]

One Day…No One

I’m not one to get sentimental when someone says “Enjoy them while they are young. Those days will be gone before you know it.” Maybe it’s because my children are spread out over ten years, and in 13 years, there has been only one without a child under the age of 3. Maybe it’s because … [Read more…]