Making Money Off of the Mommy Wars

Venturing into Wal-mart tonight, I was caught off guard. I can’t explain why. This should not have surprised me. But nonetheless, there I stood – staring at products making money off of division. The mommy wars are real. Now my opinion may be out in left field, but I’ll share it anyway. Most moms aren’t … [Read more…]

Family Time Thursdays – Character Training with a Purpose

Character training is beyond important in the process of raising our children. However, sometimes it feels as if I operate on the premise that they will absorb whatever character is necessary without intentional teaching time from me. Yeah. That isn’t how it works. Contemplating this element of raising children and homeschooling, I chose character as … [Read more…]

The End of Faith

Over the weekend, I attended a moving memorial service for a man who had fought the good fight and had finished the race. It was one of those services where they sing the old gospel songs, causing you to immediately look up and long for heaven! As I listened intently, one line in one song took … [Read more…]