40 Acts of Gratitude, Part III

40 Acts of Gratitude, Part I
40 Acts of Gratitude, Part II

I see why planning to do this in a few short days is such a brilliant idea. It is so easy to let it get away from you. But, I am continuing to work on my 40 Acts of Gratitude. Don’t forget to look at Part I & Part II!

17 & 18 – I picked up 2 Starbucks Gift Cards about 2 weeks ago. I haven’t felt impressed to use them until a recent event. I have a friend who gives everything she has to her family, and she doesn’t treat herself often. It wasn’t much, but I clearly heard the Lord say – give one to her. Another exchange happened that evening, but that will remain between the two of us.


GRATEFUL beyond measure for dear friends – friends who are real and true and remind me no matter what – Trust in the Lord!

19 – Libraries are wonderful. We don’t frequent them as often as I’d like, but they are invaluable! To say thank you to our wonderful church library, I purchased a children’s book, B is for Bethlehem, in honor of my children. November is Children’s Book Month every year, but better late than never.

Book Bethlehem

GRATEFUL for church libraries, their staff and the many volunteers who keep them running! I love knowing I can trust what is on the shelves.

20 – This year, I finally did a really thorough cleaning of clothes, instead of the annual half-job where clothes are left in bags all over the house, and end up everywhere and not given to anyone. I have 3 large bags headed to 6Stones, a local service organization with a clothes closet, and a few for friends too!

GRATEFUL for clothes for my children, especially those for my daughter which come free from her cousins in Arizona! GRATEFUL for those who share what is outgrown and for whoever made second hand stores such a big thing!

21 – This one is a special one for me. I know someone who had surgery and was struggling with her inability to do the things she wanted to. I learned a long time ago that surgery on one random part of your body affects ALL of you. I emailed people who lived close to her, since I lived about 2 days away, and arranged for some Starbucks deliveries and a house cleaning.


GRATEFUL for modern technologies that allow easy communication across the miles, but truly GRATEFUL for women willing to sacrifice their time and energy to serve someone at the request of a far away friend!

22 – One thing that stays at the top of my GRATEFUL list – ALL THE TIME – is gratitude towards those who homeschooled when there were no instructions, no scripts, no homeschool-specific textbooks, minimal manipulatives, and no communities or co-ops. It turned into a thank you to so many people who in many areas worked diligently to pave the way for those who have come behind. You can read it here.

23 & 24 -Thank you notes. Recently, a business really went out of their way and made an impression on me. As a former corporate HR manager, I am full aware of the value of customer service. And unless you are dealing with that random person who is a difficult mess, it isn’t too hard to keep customers happy. This time though, it was above and beyond. I ordered 5 drinks, but was only given 4. When I mentioned it at the window, they made and delivered the missing drink and said thank you. Out of habit, I took off, but realized I hadn’t paid for the 5th. After parking, I ran inside to pay, but they refused and said it was fine. So a thank you note to the store and to the corporate office were in order.


GRATEFUL for great customer service. It makes all the difference! We love to complain when things are bad, but PLEASE don’t forget to praise employees when things go well!



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