10 Summer School Rules

In our family, we continue school throughout the summer. Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s not a five-day-a-week all day every day school. We have some rules that keep it light and ensure we have time for plenty of non-school fun. We BREAK til after family vacation. Each year, our Classical Conversations community program is done by the … [Read more…]

Top 5 Tips for Attending a Homeschool Convention – THSC is Here!

1. Attend with a friend. From driving to the convention site, finding a parking spot, locating the registration table and deciding on seminars to actually finding the seminars and maneuvering the exhibit hall, having a friend or two with you is invaluable. Splitting up for sessions also becomes an option if that is something you … [Read more…]

Family Time Thursdays – Character Training with a Purpose

Character training is beyond important in the process of raising our children. However, sometimes it feels as if I operate on the premise that they will absorb whatever character is necessary without intentional teaching time from me. Yeah. That isn’t how it works. Contemplating this element of raising children and homeschooling, I chose character as … [Read more…]