A Memorial Day Prayer of Remembrance

This is the same type of plane my grandfather flew in bombing raids over Europe in WWII, a B-26 Martin Marauder. If you are interested, I highly recommend reading a little of it’s history here. Fascinating would be an undertstatement. As many, though not all, of his generation did, he never would really talk about … [Read more…]

What Mother’s Day was Meant to Be

I saw a comment today, and my interest peaked. The founder of Mother’s Day boycotted it? That can’t be. But it is. And here is the story. Anna Jarvis, the founder of Mother’s Day, was the tenth-born in a family with thirteen children. Seven of her siblings died prior to her birth. It is said that … [Read more…]

Journaling and Classical Conversations – Keeping It Simple

After our first year of Classical Conversations, I wanted a little something (and I mean little) to do that was more with the memory work at home. My oldest two were 7 and 9, and we weren’t starting Essentials yet. It needed to be something very simple, yet a way to drive the memory work home … [Read more…]

In Defence of Fort McHenry

Written by Francis Scott Key in 1814, “Defence of Fort McHenry” Would come to b known as “The Star-Spangled Banner”, our National Anthem. If I took a microphone around, asking people the circumstances this poem was written under or what some of the lines mean, I can only begin to imagine the types of answers … [Read more…]