Challenge a Lunch Notes

When Andrew was in public elementary school, I loved to write little notes for his lunches. Back then, I used sticky notes, but I always thought it would be fun to make and print my own notes for him.

Fast forward to homeschooling with Classical Conversations. Once we began CC, I didn’t really write notes. We were all together during the day, and we ate lunch together. Fortunately, I could encourage him all throughout his day.

Now that he is in Challenge A, and he isn’t with me any more than about 5-10 minutes on community days, I decided to start again. However, this time won’t always be in the lunch box. I am planning to put most of the notes in his books so they fall out when he is opening them in class. The Challenge A guide tells you what you will be doing for the week, and you can place the book on a page they will be using or tape it to their pencil bag.


If you like these notes, the file is free to access and download. Click on “in slideshare” to access the file. Please pass it onto another Challenge mom or dad if you’d like!

Children need encouragement, even when mom’s notes aren’t necessarily cool anymore. I tried to keep these from being too cheesy, and I used several of the Challenge subjects to make them applicable. There is also a second page of blank cards. I plan to laminate these and use a wet-erase marker to create notes specific to a particular week, like finals possibly.

If you could make a note for your Challenge student, what would it say?

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