Choosing a Ballet Studio

There are numerous points to consider when choosing a ballet studio for your child. For me, a conservative Christian teacher was at the top of the list! See what else I considered before making a selection for my 4 year-old daughter.

E was barely 4 when she started ballet. As a mom of three boys and only one girl, I wanted so badly for her to like ballet.

Doesn't that face scream fun?

Doesn’t that face scream fun?

1. Teacher’s Philosophy on Dance

Concerned about dancing music and costumes, my NUMBER ONE priority was a conservative Christian teacher – and I mean conservative! Fortunately, I knew one or two of my options would fit this criteria based on recommendations.

2. Teacher’s Personality

My daughter is very shy around adults, even adults she knows. And I mean shy. She can even shut down. Saving this category for the end, when I was ready to visit studios, I moved on to #3.

3. Distance

Next, I had to look up addresses for local studios and determine the distance. While next door to my house would be ideal, that wasn’t happening. I pulled up a few studios online and checked the distance.  10-15 minutes was really my max, and this limited me to about three locations.

4. Cost

For me, cost was also quite a large piece of the decision making puzzle. Knowing that my daughter might not be willing to follow her instructor, I didn’t want to spend too much on classes. In addition, recital fees can be through the roof! This cost HAD to be included in the decision.

5.  Mom’s Intentions

What are your intentions for your daughter? Do you want your 3 year-old to attend the best school around in order to facilitate the connections she will need to go professional one day? Do you want elaborate costumes and fancy stages? Do you want a large studio with lots of students?

Or are you like me and want to see if this adventure even takes off.

At this point, I was ready to visit studios. One studio rose to the top of the list, so I thought I would start there first. I knew my intentions.  The cost and distance were appealing. Free would be nice, but seriously? From a friend, I knew the owner/teacher was conservative, but what was her personality like?

Mrs. Tish, owner/teacher at Limitless School of Dance in Hurst, TX couldn’t have been more perfect!  She was even more conservative than I had heard, and she projected a warmth that any child would be attracted to.  Over the last 2 years, my daughter has grown to love Mrs. Tish deeply.  Hugs are required every week.  Mrs. Tish leads well.  She listens intently.  She connects. With every other criteria met, what more could a mother ask for?   

And this is what you get…

(Oh -and a word of advice.  More expensive DOES NOT mean better!)


Mrs. Tish and E! Ballet Teacher GOLD right here!

Is she taking this seriously?

Is she taking this seriously?

Elisabeth ballet 2

Making Progress!


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