Classical Conversation and Puzzles…

Our family LOVES puzzles. Ok, we don’t all love the same number of pieces in our puzzle though.

But what do puzzles have to do with Classical Conversations?

Why not include puzzles in your CC work as a fun family activity?

This past year, we searched and searched for the right size US map to frame in a pre-made frame. Sadly, we couldn’t find one that suited us. Surprised, one evening my husband came home with a puzzle of the US. At first, I wasn’t so sure about this idea, but it grew on me – and quickly. Spending time together working on the puzzle, we could see the state names and the capitals as we worked. Once completed, the puzzle was framed and placed on the wall in our classroom.



We also located a great US Presidents puzzle on our trip to Mount Rushmore. You can read about our experience at this famous site here.


US Presidents Puzzle

In anticipation of Cycle 2 next year, I looked through some Geography puzzles I purchased a couple of years ago. I happened to set my eyes on this great find, which also has a South America puzzle and a Europe puzzle.

Africa Puzzle

Africa Puzzle

This puzzle is a smaller version, which has a strong cardboard backing.  The large puzzles above are held together permanently by puzzle glue and then framed.

Puzzle Glue and foam brush

Puzzle Glue and foam brush

We liberally apply the glue and use the brush to spread it around evenly. Normally, two coats will work to keep the puzzle together. Then, we purchase a pre-fab frame to display our work!

Time together as a family, memory work review/prep, and lessons like patience and working together are only a few of the benefits you find with putting together puzzles as a family.

Several years ago, I purchased a box puzzle that includes the entire world. It appears to be time to take care of business. I’ll let you know how it goes!


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