Destination Vacation!

Every two years, we go on a family vacation with my husband’s family. We have a great time, and we visit wonderful places! It is usually based on where we can use timeshare points, but not always.

Vacation Blog Photos Our first big vacation came after our oldest was born. Desination –
Sedona, AZ.  We made it to Mexico City after our second child was born, Disney World after #3, and Washington, DC after #4. This year, with no new children added to our family, it will be our first big family vacation without anyone under the age of two.

Starting with trip #3, we moved  to taking 2 vehicles. Eight people maxed out our vans capacity, but adding luggage put us over the top. So we take off every other year with two vehicles, nine people, and loads of luggage (yes, mostly mine and anyone I pack for).
This year, our destination is a multi-faceted one. Originally, we decided on the Wisconsin Dells, but after studying American Geography during our Classical Conversations year in Cycle 3, we thought adding Mount Rushmore would be a good idea.

Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore

After all, I’m not sure if or when we would get up that way again.  Driving across South Dakota, we planned to spend a couple of days at the Mall of the Americas in Minneapolis before hitting the Dells.

I’ll be sharing more about our adventures soon, from the long car rides and finding Trim Healthy Mama meals to beautiful scenery and extra fun things to do in these locations. My favorites are things we find to do that we weren’t expecting to find! Outside of visiting family in Connecticut, I’ve never been up north. It may be freezing cold, but I can’t deny – adventure awaits!






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