Fabulously Fun Friday – Making Homeschool Fun

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School work. It’s a necessary part of any school environment. Of course homeschooling is no different. I’ve never been a “fun” teacher I think. My children certainly don’t run around singing “My mom is the funnest teacher EVER!!”

What I can do is be sure to add in a little fun throughout the week.


Even my mom is in on the action!

Our youngest, Thomas, is taking to our new SEEDS Family Worship DVD. We’ve always loved the CDs, but the DVDS not only place beautiful music and scripture in our home during the school day, the motions selection has him up and moving, dancing and singing!

One of my favorite creative things to do is change up Saxon math stories. My daughter,Eden, is in the Saxon 1 book, and it’s my second time through it. Waiting in line for the slides and other stories get a little old, so we change them up.

This is ordinal position through sixth place.


All the linking cubes are waiting to make a phone call. What place in line is the red cube? The green cube isn’t kind and cut in line. What place is the green cube in? The black cube used to be first, but he didn’t raise a quiet hand or have a bubble in his mouth. What place is he in now? It’s all in jest, but we have fun with our stories. The days of cut and dry read from the book are long gone for our family!  But we are so truly grateful for the details provided. Helping us through our first year, they provided confidence and understanding. In a few years, we’ll make our last run through Saxon 1, and who knows what kind of stories will be flowing by then?

E math smile

Does this smile say “I’m having fun,” or what?

Truth be told, all four of my kids, ages 3-13 LOVE to play with the Saxon manipulatives. Their favorite? The pattern blocks are one of the most creative toys I have ever put my hands on. (Don’t tell them, but I like to make things with them too). We actually have two additional boxes of these manipulatives along with pages to help younger students create shapes. If we are in desperate need of educational fun for everyone, pattern blocks are our go-to.

Aaron, our ten year-old went to town with the few pattern blocks he could get his hands on, since I only brought out the Saxon set.

jacob and pattern blocks

I usually don’t have to work hard for Aaron to find some aspect of school fun. Today, he used a compass to cut an E out of paper for his sister, and he bounced around the room while we did phonics.

Our oldest, Andrew, takes a bit more work. He is my reluctant learner, who even at 13 still isn’t sure why school is completely necessary. I took advantage of a unique opportunity to take him along with my parents, a friend and me to the Elm Fork gun range. After a long rest, my gun and I both needed a little practice.


My dad is an excellent disciplinarian when it comes to guns and is also certified to teach hunting safety, so I felt very comfortable allowing Caleb to be guided by him. To say he did a great job would be an understatement, though you can see his elbows are resting on the table. In the end, he beat me – hands down!

And what about mom’s fun for the week? Experiencing this with him was my fun for the week too. I was proud of his shot, but mostly of his responsible behavior.

How do you intentionally add fun into your school week?

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