Family Time with a Purpose – Our Version of Morning Time

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My happy place is somewhere between having a plan, but not a regimented plan and being completely free to do whatever comes up.

However, I have discovered my children work best with a plan, and sometimes I do too. So when I started seeing all these posts about morning time, I thought to myself, “That is great for them, but too much for me. Four kids, 10 years apart – No Way! But something kept drawing me back to the idea. I couldn’t let go of it.

Everything I read was either very detailed or just a basket full of things that they choose from at will. I knew what I needed was somewhere in the middle of these two ideas.

Thus was born…our version of Family Time!

In our home, family time only lasts about 15-20 minutes. The two youngest are allowed to play quietly if they listen. And it occurs sometime between 10am and 2pm usually. Yep – the exact time thing just didn’t work for me.

We use our den. This room has three different couches/chairs, so I get one and the two older boys can stay separate. Then there is plenty of floor room for the younger two to play.

I needed something defined, but not too defined. You know what I mean? So we have four daily topics and one weekly.

Monday = Art
Tuesday = Community Day – no family time (or maybe LOTS of family time)
Wednesday = Poetry
Thursday = Character Trait Stories/Discussions
Friday = Prayer

Weekly – Memorize a verse together (rotate who chooses the verse).

We also have a few rules, but not too many. And they are simple of course.

1. Everyone able to participate must!
2. No stressing over a missed day (my rule for me).
3. Quiet play is fine if you are listening.
4. Respect others and their answers/questions/thoughts.

We have materials we use each day, except Friday. I’m working on that one. I look forward to sharing our favorite books for each topic, and I hope you’ll share with me any suggestions you might have too!

So my best advice is 1 -pray about it – 2 – keep seeking after your ideal morning time if you feel led in that direction, and 3 – make it your own!

No one else’s morning time/family time is just right for your family!

I LOVE books in baskets. With family time, putting all the books in one place is such a help. Ok. I love ANYTHING in baskets. Here are a few of my favorites!

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