May All Who Come Behind Us Find Us Faithful…

As a part of my 40 acts of gratitude, I desperately want to say thank you to those whose shoulders I stand on daily.

I’m not one to think that I have paved this path alone. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

So, here’s to you…

My Savior…I don’t stand on His shoulders. He cradles me in His arms and holds me in the palm of His hand. The hope I have in this life comes from knowing Jesus. Any security, joy, happiness, success – all the good comes from above…and some of the bad too. Grateful for His discipline as well as His blessings!

My family…I could talk for hours about my family. I am blessed with parents who love the Lord, who serve Him, sometimes fail Him, get back up and serve Him even more faithfully the next time. They taught me to love God first by living it, but mainly by petitioning the Lord daily for each of their three children to love God first above all else. My brother was my protector and the source of most of the teasing. He lived an example worthy of following then, and he does so still today. He isn’t perfect, but He lives by God’s word, even when it isn’t the cool thing or the easy thing. My sister is my biggest cheerleader. We both walk paths that we never would have guessed we would be on all those years ago. She has a passion for seeing women grow in freedom in the Lord, and she cheers me on as I seek to encourage women who educate their children at home. When we have days that we don’t want to end, we can celebrate together, and when we have days we just want to be over, we can encourage each other. She is my best friend!

My husband…what can I say? I have the privilege to do what I do each day because of all that he does each day. He makes this life possible for us. I could say more, but to me – this says it all!

Saints of Old…my gratitude for Moses, Isaac, Joseph, Esther, David, the Prophets, John the Baptist, Mary, Joseph, Paul, Peter, John, Mark, Luke, Timothy, all the disciples, and so many more followers…from those who believed God by faith in the Old Testament to those who suffered greatly for Him in the New Testament. From those who fell disgracefully, yet were used greatly by God to those who stayed the course til the end and died a martyr for His name. I have more Bibles than I need, the freedom to worship in my church and in my home, and examples of faith that inspire me on a daily basis!

Women…while I am far from a feminist, according to modern definitions, I am so grateful for the right to vote and those who fought for it. I admire those who worked to keep the nation running during war time, and am inspired by those who have taken the Gospel to the front lines with no thought of their own safety. Today, I can do almost anything I set my mind to because of women who have paved the way, and that includes choosing to stay home with my children (or really following the Lord’s direction to do so).

Centuries of Christians…the disciples weren’t the only ones who suffered for Christ. Many generations since have been heavily persecuted and even killed for their choice to follow Jesus. Today, many are still be killed for confessing with their mouth that Jesus is Lord. But throughout the generations, they have carried His word in the form of the Bible, to be passed down so that today, I can read the inspired word of God and actual sayings of Jesus. I see the prophecies, and I see the fulfillment. I see His heart, and I see His justice, because they endured and fought the good fight!

Moms…not only has my own mother paved they way for me to have opportunities she may not have had growing up, but many other moms have invested in my life as well. To have endless examples of Godly women to look up to is a luxury I do not take for granted. With all humility, I am grateful the Lord saw fit to fill my life with these women – real women with real struggles, hurts,  and sorrows, but with real faith in Jesus and a joy that cannot be taken away.

Education…from pre-school through college, educators of all levels have taken the time to invest in me. I was blessed to have many teachers who truly cared and taught me to do the right thing – not just a bunch of book knowledge. I am extremely grateful for whoever thought up the brain child titled Western Civ class at OBU. I must say that class taught me so many things that benefit me today in attempting to classically educate my child. It remains today my only educational experience where I learned how art, literature, music, science and history all truly had a profound effect on each other.

Homeschooling…if I could go back and apologize for my opinions to that one homeschool family I knew growing up. Today, I understand a small amount of the path they were blazing. While homeschooling is older than public education, it was not widely used or accepted when I was growing up. These are the people who blazed the trail for those of us following today. As their numbers grew, curriculum was created to meet the needs of home educators. Books explaining learning styles, education styles, where curriculum falls on the spectrum of styles, etc. were created to help us make decisions and head down a path that while still bumpy, is nothing like what they experienced. We have associations dedicated to protecting our rights because these people had to fight for theirs. Homeschool communities, art programs, and sports leagues have risen out of the necessity to provide things homeschoolers at one time just had to do without.

I could go on with so many groups I owe so much to, but I’ll stop here and say Thank You! Though I wish I had more eloquent words to share how I feel, I hope these will do. And I hope I make you proud as I build on what you have left behind so that future generations may stand even taller.

standing on shoulders of giants FINAL

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