My #FitbitLife Frenzy – 10,000 Steps as a SAHM

Dear Fitbit World,

Please tell me I’m not the only one doing this!

I found myself finishing my 10,000 steps tonight at literally ten til midnight. I am NOT exaggerating. When I first started using my Fitbit, there seemed to be no problem getting my steps in each day. Now, I am walking around the kitchen after 11pm every night trying to squeeze in anywhere from 500 final steps to 2500. Does anyone else have this issue?

Maybe it is because it’s too hot in Texas to even attempt to go outside between 2 and 6, unless you are going to a waterpark – which is the one place I can’t wear my Fitbit.

What do you do? Walk up and down the stairs? A friend recommended basketball. Apparently, the movement is pretty dramatic, so you accumulate steps quickly. I don’t play basketball, but I have one. Maybe I should start?

It’s to the point now that my three year-old son looks at me and says, “Mommy, are you walking in circles to get steps?” I need some ideas on how to get my steps in. Someone please share with me your secrets! We receive wellness points on our insurance for every day I reach this goal, and they turn into Amazon gift cards.

Who wouldn’t want 10,000 steps that = money?

Desperate for Steps Before Midnight

Party Time!

I’d prefer to party a little earlier in the evening.

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