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Breakfast is my least favorite meal of the day. Cooking is not my favorite thing to do any time of day, but definitely not in the morning. I NEED easy. Cereal is a favorite with the kids in our house and blueberry muffins as well.

But what to do for a mom who is eating Trim Healthy Mama style?  Eggs have definitely become a favorite! In fact, my littlest guy and I love to share a plate full of over-easy eggs. In my quest to have THE easiest breakfast though, I continued my search for the least time consuming, yet still enjoyable meal I could think of. Deciding on breakfast tacos, I contemplated what exactly would make it “easy.”


Ahhhhhh…eggs. What more needs to be said?

Most of my life, I refused to eat eggs on anything. For a good taste, they required solitude on my plate and in my mouth. But things had changed. Now, I was desperate for easy and tasty. So, breakfast tacos it would be. I started with Mission Carb Balance Tortillas.

Still scared to try the eggs on a tortilla, I just had sausage and cheese. Cooking the sausage on Monday, I would then reheat it every morning to make new tacos.  It was good, but too plain. I had to try it with eggs. Couldn’t believe I loved it! But eggs every morning took too much time. So I did something most people would probably turn their nose at. I cooked more eggs and put the leftovers away.  You know what? Reheated eggs are actually good when mixed with sausage.


Select your favorite cheese.

So, we had eggs, sausage, and shredded Mexican four cheese blend.

I was satisfied with my tacos.


I buy two lbs at Sams Club and freeze one.


A friend over at the Family Style Schooling blog introduced me to this secret ingredient.

Hormel Real Crumbled Bacon

Hormel Bacon Crumbles

This magical ingredient can be found at Sams Club. And now, my tacos are a delicacy to me. I put this ingredient in my home made THM Mac N Cheese, in my salads, and on my lunch sandwich wraps.

Run. DO NOT walk. Race to your nearest Sams Club, and buy Hormel Real Crumbled Bacon. (And no – this is not a paid advertisement.)

Breakfast Taco Ingredients

Ingredients for a quick and tasty breakfast taco!

Unless you don’t like bacon. And then, there is no hope for you.

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