Something is Fishy

And it’s not the fish!


SNAIL 5 Can you see all those small brownish-gold things in the picture above? Those are snails. They are over-running our tank. Today alone, I killed 43 snails. And that only counts the ones I found on the tank walls.

We never even planned to have a fish tank. Excitedly, our nine year-old son brought home fish from church one Sunday. In an effort to feed his excitement, we purchased a small fish bowl. Quickly, we learned that goldfish don’t do well in small bowls. They need BIG tanks. So that was that, right?

No. To watch his excitement a little longer, we tried a ten gallon tank, filter, thermometer, fake plants and all. Now we are set, right?

No. He wanted a snail. While getting a snail seems fun and innocent, it is anything but that. Apparently, you can easily scoop up “bad” snails while trying to get a “good” snail. This can even happen when they are scooping out your fish.

As soon as we noticed snail #2, we called the pet store. Based on the shape, we were told that this was not the kind of snail you prefer to have in your tank. Shortly after the call, we put the fish in different water and cleaned the tank with soap, bleach, water and anything else we could find. After purchasing new rocks and new fish (accidentally killed them in the process), we put the tank back together. Yeah!!  No snails!!

Nope! Those fuzzy brown spots are snails. The infestation is officially out of hand.  I can count over 50 snails at any given pass by the tank, and that only counts the ones I can see. Most of them live below the rocks.

SNAIL 2 So now, we have the daily task of killing any snails we see that are accessible in the tank. Snails like this one and that one.

SNAIL 4 Fortunately, we struck a deal. Once the snails overrun the tank beyond what we can stand, the fish and tank go away. Yes, there are ways to try and rid a tank of snails, but none are guaranteed.  We tried bleaching it to no avail. The tank is too small for clown loaches and most other loaches.  Chemicals would also kill the fish. My advice to future fish tank owners, don’t get a snail. Any snail.

So, we live with the snails. Yuck. What parents will do for their kids.


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