The #1 Rule for Your Homeschool and Everyone’s Homeschool


I’m the all-time worst when it comes to seeing an idea and saying – I have to do that!!!!!!

Then, when I don’t get it done, or I don’t even start it, I beat myself up over the failure.

Have you ever attended a homeschool convention and visited the exhibit hall? Can anything on Earth make you feel anymore conscientious about all the things you aren’t doing with your students? We should be doing spelling every week along with vocabulary and SAT word prep I’m sure. I should be using 4 different math curriculums, reading biographies as well as fiction daily, doing art and music every day, plus a full hour of PE. We should be learning an instrument, looking at everything in our world through a microscope, taking daily nature walks, memorizing Presidents, their wives, and the names and types of their dogs. What did I miss?

This is what you can do to yourself, even when you aren’t at a homeschool convention.

Women compare. Moms compare. Homeschool moms…boy do they compare. 

We are not called to teach the children of anyone else on a daily basis, just as we are not called to raise others’ children on a daily basis either.

If your homeschool room looks just like Maria’s homeschool, and you use all the same homeschool curriculum Maria does in the exact same way, and you schedule your day just like Maria schedules hers, your children will only feel like you want them to be like Maria’s children. And that never ends well.

Don’t get me wrong. I am all for seeing something you like and going for it. I do this with my homeschool friends ALL the time. But sometimes I find myself stepping back and saying – I really don’t want to do that. So I don’t do it. It’s taken me a little while, but I feel I have built a solid foundation of homeschool materials (yes – from looking at materials of others for 4 years), and we use them each in a unique way that fits our family. Resource materials are mostly what I continue to look for to add to our collection (code word for BOOKS).

Our activities are our activities. Our schedule is unique to us. I’m ok (finally) with saying no.

Just as our home is made of pictures and decor (I use the word decor loosely) that speak about us as a family, our homeschool is made up of materials and a style that fits us as a family.

So devour all the interesting information you read on blogs and in articles. Then take what you like, and leave the rest. And be ok with it.

Rule of Homeschooling

It won’t make you a better homeschool family if you do everything everyone else says is right. It will make you a better homeschool family if you take what is right for you – and do it well!

So what are 5 reasons you need to make your homeschool your own? Stay tuned!

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