The Simple Beauty in a Book

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Reading to children is a treasured time, even though as parents we often find ourselves tired and just wanting alone time. Sometimes a simply written book is just what we need to connect with our children without offering to give more of us than we have to give.

And when that simply written book also espouses the truths we want our children to see, we’ve found a keeper.

After all, a young child’s attention span is held only for so long, and filling their mind with truth in those few moments we have their attention is critical.

I’m always on the lookout for these types of books, and recently a new one arrived in our home. See if this sounds familiar…

All Things Bright and Beautiful

You remember the words, don’t you? Say them with me…

All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small, all things wise and wonderful, the Lord God made them all.

All Things Bright and Beautiful, by Cecil Frances Alexander, is filled with beautiful illustrations of nature and precious words about how the Lord made them all.

Flowers and Birds
Mountains and Rivers
Sunsets and Wind
Trees and Meadows

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In the end, we are reminded that He gave us our eyes to see these things, and we can tell others of His creation.

Katy Hudson’s illustrations are the perfect mix of being child-like, yet reflecting the beauty that each created thing holds.

In every aspect, this book will be a treasure for the young children and grandchildren in your home for years to come. Take just a moment to register here for your chance to win a free copy of this book for your home.

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“A childhood without books – Astrid Lindgren

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