The Summer of NRH2O – Updated for 2016

Summer of NRH2O

We purchased our NRH2O passes again for summer of 2016! Looking forward to another SUMMER of NRH2O!

NRH2O Kid's area

NRH2O Kid’s area

After weighing the pros and cons between NRH2O and Hurricane Harbor (It will always be Wet n Wild to me.), it was not a hard decision.

NRH2O allows you to bring food in with you. Hurricane Harbor does not.

NRH2O allows you to bring drinks into the park. Hurricane Harbor does not (not even water).

NRH2O Does not sell alcohol. Hurricane Harbor does.

NRH2O has several areas catering to different age children. Hurricane Harbor also does.

NRH2O has about seven main slide attractions.  Hurricane Harbor has about three times that number.

NRH2O does not charge for parking. Hurricane Harbor does.

NRH2O, due to size, has reasonable wait times for rides. Hurricane Harbor has LONG lines for rides.

NRH2O is smaller with a smaller percentage of “skimpy” swimsuits – especially on the mommas, but also with teens.

The price is certainly less at NRH2O, which comes in handy when you are looking to purchase five or six passes.

UPDATE: NRH2O has removed two of the single-rider body slides to make room for new slides! They have added 4 new slides for 2016, and it will be exciting! There are actually more slides in the works for future summers as well.

Since my husband only came with us twice last year, we opted to change his pass to one for our three year-old.  He’ll need his own pass this year! Renewing passes gave us $5 off of each pass.


With plans to visit a minimum of once per week, we purchased the Greatest Value Season Passes again this year.

The benefits of the Greatest Value are:

5 free meal vouchers per pass + 20% discount on other food areas

Early entry (by 5 minutes) every day

Free refills on drinks all summer long

Monday buddy days – bring a friend for a $10 entrance fee – one entry per season pass

20% Cabana discounts

3 free guest passes per season pass

Free popcorn at Dive-In movies

Getting in early is a huge benefit. Normally, we sit under a humongous umbrella.  Several of us with passes meet up and circle our chairs around our coolers full of food and drinks! This allows us to remain in the shade the majority of the day.

Our favorite umbrella area!

Our favorite umbrella area!

Plenty of other places to sit in the shade too!

Plenty of other places to sit in the shade too!

Once you’re all settled in, there is plenty to do at the water park, but today I wanted to focus on the benefits and cost of purchasing a season pass to the water park.

Two final points that put NRH2O at the top of my list. With a smaller size to the overall park, checking in with the family is not too difficult (though I won’t say it is always easy – they are kids). This allows us to go our separate ways for a while, but still spend plenty of time together during the day.

Also, this!

Neighborhood Gas Prices

Neighborhood Gas Prices

You may think I’m crazy, but I fill up just about every monday. Gas prices near the water park are about 20 or more cents lower than prices near our home, which is only about 10 minutes away.

There you have it. We picked NRH2O AGAIN and can’t wait to get there!

Actual cost – and why we buy the Greatest Value Season Pass:

Buying four or more passes saves you $10 off the cost of each pass, leaving you with a cost of $105 per pass. With the $5 per pass renewal discount, your pass price would drop to $100 per pass. That would be a savings of $75 – almost the price of one pass. With an entry fee of $21 – $27, it only takes 4-5 visits to make a season pass worthwhile. Is it cheap? Of course not. We like to offer part of a pass for Christmas to help spread out the cost a little bit.

While you do not have to eat at the park, the 5 meal vouchers are worth about $100 or more, and in our family – the free drinks are priceless. The 15 guest passes we receive are a value of $300 even if you only value each at $20. Just a couple more reasons why we enjoy the Greatest Value Season Pass!

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